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Quality Commitment

Since its inception, CED has focused on providing all electrical product needs to its contractor, industrial, and manufacturer customer base. We do so through one of the nation’s largest distribution networks with over 500 locations. We pride ourselves in giving consistently high levels of service to all customers, regardless of size.

  We’ve heard that one before and have responded accordingly. Amidst a global recession, we increased our inventory over 200%. We increased our stock of lamps, ballasts, PVC-coated products, and gear among much more in an effort to better serve our customers. We strive to be the one-stop-shop for all your electrical needs, and we need your feedback to achieve that.

  Within the lighting industry, there may be no lights at the end of the tunnel. There may only be the certainty that each light in the tunnel is better, brighter, and more efficient than the previous. We want to keep our customers aware of the ever-changing lighting industry and use our knowledge and resources to add value to every job. Whether through literature, product education, or by conducting energy audits, our goal is to help our customers maximize their opportunities while providing more sustainable energy solutions.


Customer service is given highest priority at each CED location. By combining an acute awareness of the local market needs with the support of CED’s nationwide resources, customers are assured a consistently high level of service.


CED’s commitment to conducting business with integrity and authenticity has built a reputation of trustworthiness throughout the industry. We strive to always do what we say we will do to honor our commitments to our customers, vendors, and employees.


We believe the key to a successful business is having a network of reliable partners. That’s why CED partners with the industry’s top manufacturers who stand behind their products and services. We hope you’ll rely on us for all your future electrical needs.